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Kevin Michael Higdon
Press Kit

Produced on
June 20th, 2021

Three, count \'em THREE, albums available now for download at, including the long-awaited album Scotch Man. Enjoy!
Evanston, Illinois

About Me

Once a hair-band lead-guitarist, Higdon's musical path was forever altered in the 90's by Indigo Girls and Springsteen, artists who represent the importance of story, reflection, and truth in songwriting. The result is a compelling mix of thoughtful lyrics, dynamic performance, and memorable choruses - in other words, "Frequently melodic, often loud, mostly honest acoustic rock." His new album, Scotch Man, is a collection of songs in the folk and roots-rock vein, celebrating the power of love, loss, and whiskey.



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  • Normal, , 01/06/2001